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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

tuesday humor

but it's a real article

'Spy drones' may have been Santa's sleigh: Colombia

Colombia has dismissed Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's claims that drones flying from Colombia are spying on him, with a senior official saying Venezuelan troops instead may have seen "Father Christmas's sleigh".

Mr Chavez, a staunch critic of the United States, said on Sunday the United States was spying on his government with unmanned drones that fly from Colombia as well as the islands off Venezuelan's Caribbean coast.

The Venezuelan President called the incursions by the unmanned planes "acts of war" and ordered his air force to shoot them down if they are seen again.

"Colombia does not have those capabilities he describes," Defence Minister Gabriel Silva said.

"Perhaps the Venezuelan troops confused Father Christmas's sleigh with a spy plane."...................

pic i believe is from thomas cook

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