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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

well at least NO courts martial

which is rather a relief. still DISCIPLINARY action will be taken (and has already been taken in seven cases). as i said, i UNDERSTAND the reasons why someone should NOT get pregnant in a war zone. i don't understand PUNISHMENT for it

US general defends ‘no pregnancy’ policy; vows no court martial for violation

By Agence France-Presse

A US general based in northern Iraq defended Tuesday his tough punishments for soldiers who get pregnant or impregnate a fellow soldier and said fears the new rules could result in courts-martial were unwarranted.

"I see absolutely no circumstance where I would punish a female soldier by court martial for a violation... none," Major General Anthony Cucolo told ABC News. "I fully intend to handle these cases through lesser disciplinary action."

The Stars and Stripes military newspaper reported that seven US soldiers, including three men, have already been punished under Cucolo's November 4 policy statement. They received letters of reprimand that will not remain in their permanent military file.

Under his new rules, which have unleashed a fiery debate, violators are threatened with criminal charges or even a court-martial. They apply both to women who get pregnant and men who get female soldiers pregnant, even if the couple is married.............

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