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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

larisa over at 'at largely' points us to

a repug blug

that wishes death on those who are not of the same opinion. i don't think that's mighty christian do you? (the writer is allegedly a christian, not me)

AND he's proud of wishing death on a us senator: "

"How Dare You Wish Our Klansman to Die! Die, Rethuglican!

It seems our friends on the political left are all but soiling themselves over a post I wrote last night, where I wished West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd to do his nation a favor and go into the light before the Senate votes to destroy the American health care system.

Matt Yglesias seems to think my musings are on par with that of a senator, and his friends Andrew Sullivan are attempting to claim that I speak for the entire political right. Not to be out-done, Larisa Alexandrovna chose to weave in a comparison to a anti-gay dog-park stalkerette in an effort to demonize Christians as well.

While I'm flattered by their attention, I suspect they've overestimated my political clout or my ability to accurately serve as a totem of whichever particular group they'd like to demonize today.

I take full responsibility for posting a blog entry that calls for Senator Robert Byrd to die at a politically-convenient moment, and I won't attempt to walk it back and pretend that I said or meant anything else. I still would find it quite convenient if the senior Senator from Pangea expired prior tothe Senate Democratic plot to force through rushed, potentially catastrophic legislation."

that from confederate yankee's response to all those up in arms over his original death posting.

here's larisa's take:

Wishing death on political opponents...

This kind of ugly rhetoric is precisely why the far right-wing is destroying the entire GOP. The mainstream Republican party will not cut away this gangrene, so it is stuck with the ramifications of having in their party such violent positions so openly displayed. Just take a look:.................

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