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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

yes you CAN find vegan food at chain restaurants

i have NEVER had a problem finding something to eat ANYWHERE including the time i was in texas in a bbq house (the smell almost killed me BUT i found things to eat)

Vegan Fare at Restaurant Chains
It’s easier than ever to have a good vegan meal when dining out. Many restaurants now know that if they don’t have vegetarian items available, they will lose customers. If you don’t see anything suitable on the menu, most restaurants will be willing to accommodate you by adapting a dish to your taste.
A delicious vegetarian Boca burger and a fresh garden salad are your options at Bennigan's.
Macaroni Grill has several vegan options, including all the pastas with garlic and oil and its Capellini Pomodoro. Try these tasty bites without the cheese: Tomato Bruschetta and Penne Arrabbiata. When opting for a salad, choose the house or garden without the cheese and top it with the restaurant’s balsamic vinaigrette, Italian dressing, or roasted-garlic vinaigrette.
Hard Rock Cafe offers a vegetarian burger, a veggie sandwich, and salads........


Rory Shock said...

that does it, now I'm hungry as hell ...

a rose is a rose said...

awwww mr shock i'm ALWAYS hungry!

are you a vegetarian by the way? i'm curious