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Monday, March 20, 2006

divine droplets

Name: Divine Droplets
Nihonshu-do +3Alcohol 15.6%Seimaibuai 50%Acidity 1.2Rice Yamada NishikiYeast # 9See Parameters to learn about above stats

DESCRIPTION: Junmai Daiginjo. Made by Takasago Shuzo, Hokkaido. The only junmai daiginjo in the world that is made in an igloo-like "Ice Dome," at -2C, 90% humidity, and no wind. A prominent fragrance, a clean and fresh taste, with flavor deep into the recesses.

i love sake. it's so delicate and the styles in which to drink it are numerous and varied. the names of some of the types of sake are as lovely as the customs and traditions surrounding the drinking of the beverage itself. once it was served to me in little square wooden cups which were on top of a little bowl. the person serving let the sake overflow the wooden cup a bit, letting it spill into the bowl. she said this was a wish for me to have a life overflowing with goodness. just remember you must NEVER serve yourself...... (and it's way better cold. don't warm it)


Anonymous said...

Sake sounds interesting. never drank it. The bottle however is very beautiful.

a rose is a rose said...

most of the bottles are indeed beautiful. there's a little restaurant in glastonbury ct that has them displayed on shelves on the wall all backlit. it's an amazing site.

please do give it a try. it's NOT inexpensive but for a special occasion, it's worth it