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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


(image left: taken at work a couple of years ago. i forgot if i took it or vincenzo took it)

this is MY kind of organization!

as i've mentioned before crows/ravens (and wolves) are my totems. i have them inked all over my body (image right: i have this symbol inked on the inside of both arms and on the inside of my right ankle)

american society of crows and ravens

Membership in ASCAR
The American Society of Crows and Ravens (ASCAR or the Society) is an international disorganization of - presently - some 700 individuals. Their association is based on shared attitudes and appetites but markedly diverse interests - appreciative, scientific, aesthetic, literary and mythic - in crows, ravens and their significance both ecological and metaphoric.
To become a member (a Corvi), send name and address to:
PO Box # 1423
Lawrence, KS
66044-8423 By and by you will receive a copy of the Corvi Chronicle (
see online edition), which is published irregularly by Corvis with an interest in or need for doing so. There is no subscription fee, but it is customary to send contributions to pay for production and mailing of the Chronicle. There is a connection between contributions and the size of the Chronicle and the frequency of its distribution.
Otherwise, the Society has no officers, rules or regulations; does not keep records or levy dues. Often when conducting Society or other business, Corvis prefer to use only a number, i.e. Corvi #19, 87, 408, or whatever. You are free to use any name or number that you fancy and change it as/when you choose. Corvis are free to use any title that they find appealing or necessary, e.g.: Research Fellow, Trustee, Director, etc.........

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