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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

i have ALWAYS loved toast

a perfect meal - tea and toast (you MUST dunk the toast of course). i have a toast fetish some would say (as you can see i have MANY fetishes). i found this site:

dr toast's amazing world of toast - featuring ask dr toast

here is but ONE question from ask dr toast:

Q: Does toasting bread reduce calories or carbohydrates?
– Joslin
A: The process of toasting bread does not physically reduce calories or carbohydrates. However, eating toast will make you more popular and attractive.
You see, Joslin, toasting bread fundamentally changes its molecular structure. The high temperature convection currents within the toaster transform the complex carbohydrates, through a process known as “Toaster Induced Molecular Transfiguration”, or TIMT, into new molecules that are actually capable of altering the structure of your DNA. These new molecules are called “Molecular Toast Genetic Transmogrificators”, or MTGTs. When the MTGTs enter your bloodstream, they seek out the nuclei of your cells and, through the process of “Active Molecular Toast Genetic Transmogrification”, or AMTGT, modify the very sequence of your genetic code. The resulting enhanced genetic material is appropriately called “Toast Initiated Genetic Transmogrificant”, or TIGT, which over time will result in “Toast Accellerated Human Evolution”, or TAHE. So you see, TIMT-induced MTGTs result in AMTGT on your DNA, giving you TIGT leading to TAHE which, FYI, is A-OK.........

and a link to things i've pushed through toast


Anita said...

Where / How do you find this stuff?

Seriously, though, Toast is a fascinating subject of inquiry.

I think it is in Toast that we will find the answer to World Hunger.

(oh, sorry, I forgot you "off" politics and current affairs this week !!!)

Forgive me !!!

Neil Shakespeare said...

Be careful you don't end up 'crisp' like Bush.

pissed off patricia said...

Okay, I can vote for toast. I can also drink a toast to something. Yeah, I guess I'm okay with toast.

CTB said...

But what IS that? A game console?

I am a bland food girl. I eat oatmeal with dry toast. I could eat that every morning. Like an old, old man.

CTB said...

You know what? I just went poking around and first, I too have a crow thing. I have a crow that visits me and have written about that on my blog. There are many other things about you that I did not know that I do not discuss really on blogs but that are of interest to me.

Always nice to get to know some other things aside from mostly political discussions. Hmm. Who knew all this about our Rose.

Paul Tomba said...

Hello. I too am a lover of humble toast. I do mine in the grill as I only like one side done. Apparently this is weird to most people.

I like it with butter or marge but you also can't beat melted chease with some onion on top. Then sprinkle some black pepper and you have the perfect late night snack.

I'm now hungry just thinking about it.

a rose is a rose said...

i LOVE oatmeal too ya know. i like plain peasant food as a rule. nowadays if you go into a restaurant and order polenta it's wicked expensive. of course polenta is CORN MEAL MUSH that was made because it was easy and cheap and hearty - and could feed all of the workers in the fields.

i have NO idea where i find this stuff anita, i just do (sometimes with help but if i get help i do try to give credit)

mr shakespeare i am already a crispy critter so it's too late

p o p MMMMMMMMMMMMM toast! cin cin

oh booted one, YES that's a game thingy. if you ever want to have an off-blog discussion just write to me! i too have many interests that i don't mention here (and of course some i do)

mr tomba it's NOT weird to only toast ONE side of the bread (there is a recipe for a toast sandwich, yes toast between two pieces of toast, on the toast web page. check it out!) you've made me hungry too! nowadays i only eat soy or rice cheese and it's just NOT the same as REAL cheese......... but onions are ALWAYS good

Anita said...

Speaking of Oatmeal, my new favorite is:

John McCann Steel Cut Oatmeal. It comes in a can that says "International Exhibition 1876, Certificate of Award" on one side and "World Columbian Exhibition, Chicago, 1893" on the other side.

And it's imported from Ireland, 100% wholegrain irish oats from Naas, County Kildare.

Yum. Porridge.

a rose is a rose said...

they serve mccann's at the half door (the pub i hang out in and my friend coincidentially owns). it is THE best oatmeal i have EVER had

CTB said...

Why am I so happy to know other people like oatmeal? Like I found a secret oat society or something. I am sooooo sad.

I am going to check out the crow society thing some more....and some other matters...

a rose is a rose said...

mmmmmmmmmm oatmeal. i could eat it ANY time of the day or night

and i had cinnamon raisin toast for lunch today!