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Friday, March 24, 2006

it wasn't MONEY that effected MY drive

a while ago i was having some female issues and my doc put me on some kind of hormone(s). within two or three days i had absolutely lost my ENTIRE sex drive. i called her up and said, 'doc, i'm takin' myself OFF o' these pills'. and, I DID. not to worry, i've been fine (sex drive wise) ever since. too much info? TOUGH NOOGIES (hey, i COULD have made that all up. you'll never know. really i only mentioned it to let everyone know, doctors are NOT gods and if there are issues with medications you are prescribed, TALK to your doctor about it IMMEDIATELY)

Money worries 'affect sex drive'

Press AssociationFriday March 24, 2006

An estimated 2 million people have lost their sex drive as a result of worrying about money, a survey showed today.
One in five people who said financial problems had affected their relationship said the issue had hit their sex life, according to insurance giant AXA.
Women are twice as likely to suffer from the problem as men, accounting for two-thirds of people who say money has ruined their sex life.
Married or cohabiting couples are also more likely to find that financial problems affect their libido, with more than half of the people who say this has happened currently living with their partner, while 23% are widowed or divorced and 22% are single.
A further 37% of people said their money problems had caused them to spend less quality time with their partner, while 50% said they had more arguments and a shorter temper when they were stressed about their finances. Some 26% said they spent less time with their children as a result of their problems.
Around two-thirds of people said they always avoided discussing their finances with their partner, family or friends because it caused them anxiety.........


Donviti said...

My wife must be on what you were taking! dang!

Left of Center said...

I like the new banner. As to the influences of ones sex drive? hehe Glad you got rejuvinated

Neil Shakespeare said...

Well, anxiety in general, I suppose. That's called 'being poor', I think. But don't expect the Bushies to be too concerned about the anxieties of the poor, much less their sex lives. I imagine George doesn't have any sex at all.


I imagine George has sex with himself watching old Bullwinkle cartoons. Like the banner.

I think people under stress develop a "seige" mindset, trying to survive, thinking always of their problems and of course that puts a damper on other things. Thats sad. But interesting post, Rose.


GraemeAnfinson said...

Hey, I like the banner.

Yes, i agree doctors are full of shit sometimes. I was being a smart ass one night at a bar and some asshole blind sided me with a right hook as i stumbled to a cab and I woke up on a stretcher on my way to the emergency room with a crack in my head and the side of my face twice normal size.

anyway, i kept going back to the doctor to find out what the hell was going on, because I couldn't sleep on my back or turn my head while laying down without getting sick and dizzy. He kept telling me it was because I had a cold and I kept telling him that it might be due to the fact that I got knocked the fuck out and had 10 staples in my head. he kept telling me to take ibuprofen. I finally talked to other people and looked it up on the internet because I was starting to get scared and found out he knocked some shit loose and caused what I insist was Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. I don't think he ever believed me. anyway, six months later it went away.

i don't know where I am going with this but I agree, doctors are fuck ups just like the rest of us. Ohh and glad your sex drive is back to normal.

a rose is a rose said...

i wanted to put something of ME on the banner yet i didn't want to be recognized (for some reason or another). i think it looks EXACTLY like a semi-sane madwoman.....

donviti,have you both spoken openly and honestly to each other about this? ...........

loc, i only mentioned the incident because i noticed a definite difference in ME within a couple of days. it was a side effect i didn't like at all nor did it feel 'right' to me. so i did something (and it happened to work out for me)

mr shakespeare, anxiety and stress do take quite a toll on many. personally, i don't think laura and king george have a CARE IN THE WORLD though.

lily, i don't know if the king even knows how to have sex with his own self. but thanks, now i shall never be able to watch fractured fairy tales in the same way. boots, naw, it's getting to be FLIP FLOP weather!

graeme, DAMN we're gonna have to go out drinking one day (i'll protect you)! on a serious note you really should have found another doctor immediately. there is no reason you had to stay with one who obviously didn't listen to you. the same thing happened to my brother in law. he was dizzy and had other symptoms. the doc he went to said he needed nasal surgery which big bubba (my b i l) went ahead and had. his symptoms of dizziness and the like continued. his boss sent big bubba to his personal doc. the doc looked in bub's eyes and said, 'you have a brain tumor'. he was right, bubba never had a nasal problem, he had a brain tumor all along (not to worry, this was several years ago and big bubba is JUST fine AND he still has the same boss......)

if a doctor is telling you or giving you something that just doesn't feel 'right' to you, QUESTION her or him! if you're not satisfied, GO TO ANOTHER DOCTOR. YOU have that right!

Rory Shock said...

seems to me that it is a vestige of a primitive biological thing goin' on ... when resources are scarce a lot of critters produce smaller numbers of offspring out there in nature ... now humans well we all know sex is not really about producing offspring (except in the mind of the fundie) but about producing good vibes (as the bonobos know) but when one is having instinctual feelings of scarcity then perhaps one is having instinctual feelings inclining away from doing the nicey ... but with our big brains we out to be able to REASON our way back into bein' nice and horny even if a few bills are unpaid ... people just need to say to themselves ... "i ain't doin' it to produce a litter (unless that ain't the case), no unborn child is going to be produced to starve, and fuck the financial problems I'm gonna get laid (or whatever)" if these or similar words are chanted a couple of times a day for those whose libidos are down because of dough problems, they'll experience elevated horniness within 23 to 35 hours or their money back!

a rose is a rose said...

there are all sorts of reasons for libido problems. most don't care to resolve them. i'm a believer in doing so. it IS important to me. not the most important thing in my life mind you, but right up there