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Monday, March 20, 2006

as promised, my mr bento lunch box

yes, it's my lunchbox fetish again

starting at upper left and going clockwise
the stainless steel outer part. the four containers plus the chopstick container. top bottom and inner containers. my breakfast and lunch for today. salad (lettuce and tomato. salad dressing is packed in a little zip lock baggy), cinnamon apple sauce, soy yogurt with berries and a touch of honey (i put the berries into the yogurt frozen) and polpette ( polpette are just little meat balls. i of course don't make them with meat. i took my noni's recipe and tailored it to me. i used some leftover potatoes, some broccoli and corn, some firm tofu i mashed up, some bread crumbs, nutritional yeast and herbs and spices. my grandmother used leftover turkey or chicken and always used spinach. i didn't have any spinach that's why i used broccoli and corn. most ANY vegetable would work as would leftover beans. use your imagination)

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