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Friday, June 11, 2010

you have to read it to believe it

and even then you WON'T

all the elements of a GREAT story:

british troops
'the' gays
the american 'family' association
faux 'news'
the taliban
the british parliment
blood donations
don't ask, don't tell

Blasting ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal, American Family Association claims ‘gay sex = domestic terrorism’

By Stephen C. Webster


The story was carried in a number of other online venues, but at time of this writing it appeared that the only "mainstream" U.S. news bureau to feature the claim was Fox News, which erroneously -- and perhaps mistakenly -- called the scheme "a bid to infect British troops".

How exactly these alleged Afghan bomb-makers could design HIV-laced weapons that targets soldiers based on nationality, Fox News did not explain. The network instead cited The Sun as its only source, although not even the British tabloid made such an unusual statement.

The allegations were apparently enough for the American Family Association (AFA) to weigh in. As a conservative non-profit group best known for attacking marriage equality and homosexuals in other walks of public life, the focus of their response might have been expected. Instead, the AFA declared in a Thursday blog headline: "Gay sex = domestic terrorism".............

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