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Monday, June 07, 2010

and we are surprised because..........????????

if given a choice, i would rather watch espn do highlights of crafters. i've not been given that choice though.

however, i DO come from a land where women ARE indeed champions. i think they and all women should be afforded the things (including air time) that MEN in sports get (although i'm all for cutting that WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY down too)

ESPN’s Sports Center Shows Almost No Highlights of Women’s Sports

As I’m sure you know, ESPN sets the tone for sports highlights with its daily Sports Center program. In fact, you could probably say that Sports Center is ESPN since each day the show runs for 14 hours (live and reruns) and the catch-calls of its announcers become famous. You would think that it could find time to show highlights of women’s sports. Unfortunately, it can’t find the time. With miniscule exceptions, you can’t find highlights and you can’t even find scores.

Sally Jenkins’ column in Friday’s Washington Post tells the sad story. And even worse than the current miniscule figures is the fact that Sports Center has drastically cut back in recent years. A study released this week entitled “Gender in Televised Sports: News and Highlight Shows, 1989-2009,” sampled the content of highlight shows and found that they devote barely 1.5% of airtime to women’s sports.

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