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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

this says 'confirmed' but i'm hoping they're WRONG

CONFIRMED: Aerial Video Shows Second Leaking Rig Near The Deepwater Horizon

by coto2admin

By Gus Lubin
Business Insider

UPDATE: Taylor Energy Will Soon Put Out Comment On Saratoga Leak

Earlier we published speculation from satellite analytics group SkyTruth that there may be a second leak in the Gulf. A freelance pilot and photographer confirmed these rumors and a possible coverup.

Photographer J Henry Fair says the new photos show an oil plume originating from the Ocean Saratoga rig, which is operated by Diamond Offshore. A work ship in the foreground appeared to be applying dispersants to the oil. A larger rig in the background may be discharging another leak.

This leak was reported last night by Alabama local news. NOAA also mentioned this leak in an April 30 oil slick map [PDF]. [COTO Ed. Note: I found no such mention in that document.].............

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