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Thursday, June 10, 2010

just lost my power. had to grab a bunch of things and

go elsewhere to get ready for work (my outfit is atrocious i must admit, but hey, MY MAKEUP KICKS ARSE)!!!

what saved me you ask? candles? nope, even though i have MILLIONS of 'em, i couldn't find a one of 'em.

the 90 in 1 flashlight app of my appzilla iphone app! (when i bought it for 99 centavos, it was 50 in 1. it just keeps getting better and better. there's a PLUMB BOB on there for goddess' sake!!!)

thanks appzilla!

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Anonymous said...

~chuckles~ Handy hmmm?

Hi Rose,

How are you? I've gone and lost your contact info, but there's so much to share! Do you like horses? You won't believe what we're doing. I also finally found the right yarn for that delicious looking shawl you found years ago. I think it was called spider something. Would you mind dropping a line please? Thanks.

softandshy (same address if you still have it)