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Thursday, November 10, 2005

my mom has passed (well a while ago)

and it's a DAMN good thing because i believe she ran afoul of the local library. she had some overdue books out. good thing the patriot act wasn't around then. i'd have to visit her in niantic (connecticut womens prison)

`Doe' Silent In Library Case
November 8, 2005 By LYNNE TUOHY, Courant Staff Writer
"But I can't talk to you."The words are those of George Christian, executive director of the Windsor-based Library Connection, a non-profit that electronically links and searches the collections of 26 Hartford-area libraries.Christian has been identified in news stories as the "John Doe" client of the American Civil Liberties Union who is challenging the FBI's attempted use of a "national security letter" to demand library patron records. Reached at Library Connection Monday, Christian declined to be interviewed.Among other services, Library Connection checks patron's records to see "what they have checked out, on hold or overdue" at all libraries they serve, according to the firm's Internet site.Christian's identity, and that of two others affiliated with him, have been concealed in court documents that are either sealed, heavily redacted or use the "John Doe" pseudonym. The national security letter states that recipients can never reveal to anyone that they have received such a letter........

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