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Monday, November 07, 2005

hell NO we don't want him back either!!!

i just HATE cults. HATE HATE HATE them. years ago when i was about 18 or so and spending some time in vermont, i was being 'recruited' to join one (the brotherhood of the spirit to be exact). they were very good at what they did (isolating you, making you feel very loved, filling the empty space up in your soul), but i was BETTER. i have been trying to get some info on the brotherhood of the spirit and not much exists. it says they were in mass only (i could have SWORN i was in vermont, but it WAS long ago) and the founder died. it is still going on (NOT calling itself a cult, but a commune. it very well could be, i don't know about it these days. i DO know the FORMER leader called himself a reincarnation of st peter. i also knew then as i do now, that is a steamin' crock o' scheist)

The head of the church that breaks up families is facing a chorus of calls for his deportation as he arrived in Britain today.
Korean-born businessman Sun Myung Moon, who declares himself to be the messiah, is being allowed into this country for the first time in 27 years by Home Secretary Charles Clarke.
The leader of the Moonie cult is to use his visit to London to make the claim that he is really an 'ambassador for peace' who is concerned with 'the promotion of loving families'. But critics and MPs said he is dangerous and should be sent straight back to his home in the US.

Mr Clarke's decision to overturn a longstanding exclusion order against Moon will allow him to deliver a speech in London aimed at the 'rehabilitation of his reputation'.
Moon's visit is the first since 1978, when the Daily Mail exposed the brainwashing methods by which the Moonies attracted young recruits and kept them separated from their families.
In 1981, a milestone legal victory against the cult established that the Mail was right to condemn it as 'the church that breaks up families'. In 1978 the organisation called itself the Unification Church. But since the mid-1990s, it has been known in Britain as the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.
Powerbase in US ...........

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