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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

ok, i'm addicted to words with friends

and the least amount of games i have going at one time is four. (once my boss challenged me to FOUR GAMES AT ONCE. unheard of. he won one by the way). normally i challenge a random opponent. if not random i make sure my friends WANT to  play words with me FIRST. i HATE imposing on others. (really. i know it's hard to believe but it's true)

i don't like farmville or other games you HAVE to bother your friends with. please don't do that. i don't care how many cows you have or want. on the other hand, if you want to spell, LOOK ME UP!

FarmVille, other online social games mean big business, and bonding

The most-used function on Angela Shields's iPhone is not the phone. Or e-mail. Or the Web browser. It's a game called Words With Friends, and she taps it open more than 10 times a day, anxious about her next move.
Shields, a clinical social worker in the District, doesn't consider herself a gamer, a term that conjures images of 26-year-old men slaying aliens in their parents' basements. She is 31 and funny and has many real-world friends, yet she often catches up with them in the Scrabble-like game's chat room while pecking out 36-point words.
"Some friends and I communicate through the app more than we do through e-mail," Shields said. "It's a lot more fun than e-mail. I mean, you can kick their butt while we catch up about our lives.".............

Angela Shields plays "Words With Friends" on her smartphone, a part of her daily routine. "It's a lot more fun than e-mail," she says. (Jahi Chikwendiu/the Washington Post)


Lemmy Caution said...

Me too! Always have about 5 or 6 games going. Always one with you as well ! Really is great fun. Even when you whip me!

a rose is a rose said...

yeah i need to play more than one at a time BUT when one's boss challenges them to FOUR at ONCE? that's a bit extreme