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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

oh shite and horseshite

we don't need this. what we DO need is COMPREHENSIVE SEX EDUCATION.

do you really think teen grrrls are going to NOT have sex because a video game tells them not to? grow some brains

Taxpayers fund video game that teaches girls how not to score
By Stephen C. Webster

Ever wish there were a video game where the point is to score as little as possible? If so, well, the Obama administration just may have several hundred thousand dollars for you.
The University of Central Florida (UCF) is one such beneficiary, with a weird idea for a game and a fresh wad of taxpayer cash to drive its creation.
Yes, thanks to the National Institutes of Health, which awarded UCF $434,800 to continue this project, a small number of teen girls will soon get to wear spandex suits and ping-pong balls all over their bodies while pretending they're telling boys to leave them alone.
The project's stated goal is to reduce pregnancy rates and sexually transmitted disease among the Latina community ... Through video games, apparently.............

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