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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

america, you're breaking my heart

well NOT america. some americans. what is 'reasonable suspicion' anyway? do YOU want someone saying to YOU, 've vant to see your papers'? i sure as shite don't.

the police are NOT immigration officials. the police are here to protect and serve. i don't carry my 'papers' with me. do you? do YOU want to be asked by a stranger if you're a citizen of the united states? then, do you want that stranger to demand proof?

i've said it before and i'll say it again, cuccinelli (where were YOUR relatives from i wonder?????) you're a gatsu piedi!

Virginia legal opinion supports checks of immigration status

Washington Post Staff Writer 

RICHMOND -- Virginia joined the national debate over immigration Monday when Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II issued a legal opinion that authorizes law enforcement to check the immigration status of anyone stopped by police officers for any reason.
Previously, law enforcement officers in Virginia were required to investigate the legal status only of those who were arrested and jailed.
Cuccinelli's opinion is less stringent than the portion of an Arizona law that was stopped by a federal court last week. Under that law, Arizona authorities were required to question people who they have a "reasonable suspicion" are illegal immigrants.
"Our opinion basically said that Virginia law enforcement has the authority to make such inquiries so long as they don't extend the duration of a stop by any significant degree,'' Cuccinelli (R) said at a news conference Monday. "That's consistent with Supreme Court authority."............

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