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Thursday, June 03, 2010

this isn't right

i don't care WHAT you believe or what you don't believe. celebrating death (by attacks/war) is NOT right. what do we say about the people on the other side (i.e. muslims) when THEY celebrate killing? we call them savages do we not? we are ALL alike under our skins. ALL of us

Israelis Celebrating The Attack on Gaza Aid Flotilla, in Front of Turkish Embassy-Tel Aviv


Anonymous said...

This video shows the real terrorists.

a rose is a rose said...

no, i cannot say that either. i'm saying the israelis are just like everyone else. there is good and bad everywhere. it's the fault of BOTH sides. there are innocents on BOTH sides as well. that is who my heart goes out too.

this is world wide. it's NOT just a middle eastern problem.

it's always us against them. well what if US turns into THEM?