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Friday, June 04, 2010

no surprises here

i know almost to a person, they are haters of everyone BUT white christians. oh, most won't say it and most will even deny it, but they cannot and will not fool me. anyone who even THINKS of voting for one of them is OFF of MY christmas card list

Palin's Ties To Malek, Nixon Jew Counter, Highlighted By DNC

Democratic officials clearly see an opening to score some political points after the Washington Post (following Slate) reported Thursday morning on new documents highlighting the extent to which GOP power broker Fred Malek helped target and purge Jews during the Nixon administration.

The scandal is nearly 40 years old and Malek long ago apologized for his role. But the longtime GOP hand is arguably as much of a mover and shaker within the party now as he was serving in the Executive Office. And the posting of new material related to his effort to "check the Jews throughout the administration" has given Democrats a chance to put an uncomfortable spotlight on those Republicans lawmakers with close ties to Malek.................


Anonymous said...

Republicans, the scum of the earth.

a rose is a rose said...

i have issues with just about everyone. i'm not afraid to admit it. however, i'm NOT hating and discriminating.

even if i don't agree with you i will respect you if you possess a brain that is.