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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

i don't normally bitch about my work

and it's NOT my work i'm actually bitching about. it's a rather new policy (which i am angry about). the following wapo article says businesses are trying to hide their political footprints. my company is doing the opposite. well the opposite with their individual employees that is. i'm guessing they (on the corporate level) are NOT going to tell their employees where THEIR support is.

we, i mean the employees HAVE TO HAVE PRE-CLEARANCE to not only WORK on someones campaign BUT we HAVE TO HAVE PRE-CLEARANCE TO DONATE TO SOMEONES POLITICAL CAMPAIGN (not to worry, linda 'i'm going to have the men who may not be but most likely ARE on roids, that work for me beat up the women that work for me in front of pre-pubescent boys that are our target audience' mcmahon is NOT getting one dime of MY money)

it is my personal feeling letting my company know where my support lies (if i don't wish to reveal it, although that's really not the case) is an invasion of MY privacy. there, i've bitched.

Political ads are tough sell for image-conscious corporations
Washington Post Staff Writer

All over the country, corporate CEOs and trade groups are asking their lawyers the same question: How can we get our companies involved in this political election season without leaving tracks?

After a landmark Supreme Court ruling this year freed executives to spend unlimited corporate cash on campaigns, some predicted that businesses would flood television airwaves with pro-industry political ads -- but that just hasn't happened yet. Image-sensitive corporations are still trying to make sure that, if they jump into 2010 politicking, they do so as anonymously as possible, according to Republican political operatives and trade group leaders. ...........

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