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Monday, May 31, 2010

they're wild, they're wacky

they're republicans!

we know they don't care for the land. we know they don't care for others. but one would think they WOULD care for themselves. how are they going to spend their money if they're (and us and mother earth) are polluted out of existence? riddle me that batman

Ocean Life Thrives On Crude Oil ! Meet Congressional Candidate Art Robinson

Posted by B. E. Wilson

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Ocean Life Thrives On Crude Oil ! Meet Congressional Candidate Art Robinson

How far out are the candidates the GOP is fielding in the 2010 election ? Well, a few weeks ago I covered Rand Paul’s ties to the Constitution Party that’s heavily influenced by Christian Reconstructionism – whose leaders want to stone, bash to death with rocks that is, gays, overly rebellious children, and women who have sex before marriage.

Then there’s Tim D’Annunzio, a Tea-Partying congressional candidate vying to be the GOP’s nominee in North Carolina’s 8th District, who according to his ex-wife (who, admittedly, may bear a bit of a grudge) “had claimed to be the Messiah, had traveled to New Jersey to raise his stepfather from the dead, [and] believed God would drop a 1,000-mile high pyramid as the New Jerusalem on Greenland and found the Ark of the Covenant in Arizona.”

Moving along, on a more serious note, consider Arthur Robinson.

Running on the GOP ticket for Congress in Oregon’s 4th District, Art Robinson, who in 2004 wrote that the world’s ocean life was “starved” for crude oil, might want to consider adopting, as a campaign mascot, a dolphin.................

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