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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

she was one of the first women artists i knew about

i discovered her at a rather young age. i then went on to know women COULD BE and WERE (all along i might add) artists and any damn thing they wanted to be.

thank you louise, for going before


Louise Bourgeois Dies at 98

here's her wikipedia entry

the embedding is disabled, but here's a video of the spider, the mistress and the tangerine

and from the nyt

Louise Bourgeois, Artist and Sculptor, Is Dead


Louise Bourgeois, the French-born American artist who gained fame only late in a long career, when her psychologically charged abstract sculptures, drawings and prints had a galvanizing effect on younger artists, particularly women, died on Monday at the Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan. She was 98.

The death was reported by Wendy Williams, the managing director of the Louise Bourgeois Studio...................

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