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Thursday, December 10, 2009

THIS just made my day!

man, if we only had more politicians with the stones of rep. grayson (and there ARE a few others, senator franken comes first to mind). we'd all be so much better off. but nope, we have the michele bachmanns and the brownbacks and the other teabaggers and ones afraid of a black president

our democrats are scared little kids. afraid to open their mouths. i fucking helped to elect democrats. i didn't do it so they'd shut their traps for fear of offending the far right nutbags. i did it to make our country better. to get health care for ALL for one thing.

Grayson To Cheney: 'STFU'

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) appeared on Hardball this evening, and dispensed some of his signature wit against the Republicans: Telling former Vice President Dick Cheney to "STFU," speculating that gasoline would only cost a dollar per gallon if former President George W. Bush had let Saudi Prince Abdullah "get to second base," and regretting that it's too late to impeach Cheney..........

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