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Saturday, December 12, 2009

i have to give

a giant shout out to The Detangler by paul mitchell

no, i'm not getting paid either in money or paul mitchell products.

my hair is was just a tangled snarled mess. worse than it has EVER been. knots like i've never seen. i couldn't even brush it out. i'd just gather it and wear it in it's usual bun. getting worse and worse each day, as i could brush less and less of it every day. i was even going to go the dreadlocks route BUT when i read what sort of upkeep is involved, i said HELL NO to that.

it's ALMOST time for me to cut it all off any damn way

this stuff is the ONLY thing that helped me. it's a MIRACLE in a container

PLUS they of course DO NOT test on animals

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