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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

and i'm guessing

we still have ALL sorts of contracts with kbr and for that matter xe (formerly known as halliburton but a pile o' shite is STILL a pile o' shite even shaded by another name)

to the family and friends of lt. col. jim gentry, i am very sorry for your loss. we all have to work together to make sure this doesn't continue to happen.

all the senators and congressmen and women up in arms over acorn. foaming at the mouth and demanding to take away their funding. yet, they ALL effing remain silent when it comes to these defense contractors

who does more damage, acorn or halliburton/xe/kbr?
who costs the united states more, halliburton/xe/kbr?

if you don't know the answer, you're just hiding your head in the sand

Indiana soldier is first to die of toxic exposure in Iraq

By Daniel Tencer
If Lt. Col. Jim Gentry and his doctors were right about the cause of his cancer, the Indiana National Guard officer didn't die for his country -- he died for defense contractor KBR.

Gentry's death from lung cancer last week is being recorded as the US's first fatality from exposure to a cancer-causing toxin in Iraq, according to the Evansville, Indiana, Courier & Press.

In 2003, Gentry commanded a 600-strong force providing security for KBR's refittal of the Qarmat Ali water-pumping plant, which provided water needed for oil extraction. Gentry and others claim that during that time they were exposed to hexavalent chromium, a cancer-causing toxin that the Iraqis who had built the plant had used as anti-corrosive material.

In a lawsuit filed last year, Gentry and 15 other plaintiffs said KBR, at the time a subsidiary of Halliburton, was aware that soldiers and civilian contractors were being exposed to hexavalent chromium months before they told the people working at the site................

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