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Sunday, December 06, 2009

this IS america, right?

unbelievable. really. run out of town on a rail because one doesn't wish to recite the lord's prayer? IN A PUBLIC FORUM?

maybe NOT oklahoma though

American Atheists filed suit in federal court today on behalf of an Oklahoma family who say their civil rights were violated by the Hardesty, Oklahoma Public Schools and the Texas County, Oklahoma Sheriff’s Department.

The daughter of Chester Smalkowski wanted to play basketball for the Hardesty Public Schools. She was forced from the team when she, an Atheist, refused to recite the Lord’s Prayer after a game as was required by the school. When the Smalkowski family complained about this unconstitutional practice, she was suspended. Further complaints resulted in criminal charges being brought against her father.

Chester Smalkowski refused to submit to a request from the District Attorney to move his family out of the County in exchange for the charges being dropped. His case went to trial last month, and he was acquitted of all charges by a jury. The Smalkowski children have been threatened and subjected to discrimination for the daughter’s refusal to participate in the prayer recitation...........

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NicoleSmalkowski said...

Hello Just an update for 2009. Just for legallity of it, this is not the whole story just a little part....... I am compelled to write this due to recent statements by Americain Atheist, Edwin Kagin and Rick Rice. We settled the cases for one reason and one reason only. We could not stand our legal team (Edwin kagin and rick rice)and Americain Atheist! They lied to us, used us, threathened us, disregarded our wishes and broke promises made to us. You see once my parents realised what rick and eddy were doing, they asked them to refile the injuction with the right documents and cases. ed and rick refused!! They refused alot of things. They kepted saying you signed with us so you have to do what we say! Thats when we started "treadtheenot" youtubes and my dad was on their ass. SO at the 2008 convention Edwin Kagin asked me to turn on my parents and go forward with the case alone when I was 18. This slime actually thought I would do it! He also said things about my dad. ( Guess he did not like that my father wasn't going to buy into their dropping cases and my dad told the truth about his case and edwins bullshit claims about that case.) So when my father asked Edwin about what he said to me he told my dad he did not know what my Dad was talking about. Calling me a liar! Eventually Edwin admitted what he did say to me to my Mom. My Dad was furious and my mom had to do something to redirect him. Well he calmed down after awhile and then we all banded together to deal with this bunch. From then on our goal was to get out with some dignity and protection. They played their games and we played ours. You see my parents were once called professional litigants. Long before we ever came to hardesty. The Irony is their skills were now being used to protect us from our own lawyers. Pity is if eddy and rick had listened to us the wrong would have been righted yrs ago and I would have been able to go back to school. As it stands now, the prayers go on and all I can hope for is a GED. We would have just fired them but my parents signed a contract which ed and rick kept reminding us of. I was a minor at the time but my Dad figured a way out when I turned 18. Due to actions by Rick Rice I was forced to continue with him. We had to play boths sides and cover an end run by Rick. ( I had already fired Edwin KAGIN but Rick was still working with them unknown to us!!) So in the end we eventually got clear of the slime that was suppose to represent us. And so we hoped we could go on............But now Americain atheist claims we thanked them for all their help and rick rice says we settled to write a book.!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats a dirty lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So a word to the wise Americain Atheist is no organization I would join and I would not recommend these two lawyers for a parking ticket. Also beware of signing anything or ever trusting a lawyer on his word alone. Be proud of your beliefs and respect the beliefs of others. And this country should be secular but it is for now a christian nation. So deal with it accordingly cause I would not wish for your family to deal with what mine had to. Thanks for all the friends sorry things turned out as they did. As my dad says "To my right and to my left it's all the same they just go by a different name". love ya all, Nicole .

a rose is a rose said...

i can't say who did what or didn't do what.

i don't know the family and i don't know the lawyers and i don't know the atheist society or the people of oklahoma who were bothering the family.

IF this really is a member of the family, i'm really sorry for what you had to endure from the creatures at the school. again, as far as the legal team and the organizations go, i cannot say. i wasn't privy to any of it. if it IS a member of the family, just stay strong.

all i know is, if someone doesn't want to recite a prayer IN A PUBLIC SCHOOL, THEY SHOULD NOT BE FORCED TO DO SO.

hell, no prayers SHOULD be in public schools period. i don't mind prayer mind you. i mind the combo of church and state. it CANNOT be