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Monday, December 07, 2009

someone better put the crack pipe down

and back away slowly

first she says there was NEVER a terrorist attack on bush's watch and now she says this?

Perino credits Bush for Copenhagen climate talks

By David Edwards and Gavin Dahl

According to George W Bush's former press secretary, the ex-president's refusal to sign the Kyoto Protocols in 2005 set the stage for current climate change negotiations in Copenhagen. Dana Perino, recently tapped to join the Broadcast Board of Governors by President Obama, also told Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday the former administration was right to cook the books.

"Because [Bush] declined to go forward with Kyoto, which was ultimately the right thing to do because the major economies like China and India weren't at the table, he worked to get them at the table and now this meeting is the next logical step in that process," Perino said........

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