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Monday, July 13, 2009

we can't allow cover-ups of military deaths

EVER. pat tillman's family fought for the truth. they got PART of it, but i don't believe they'll ever get it all.

lavena johnson's parents NEVER got one word of truth (much less a partial one). she was so very obviously raped and murdered then set on fire. they told her parents (her father is a doctor mind you) she killed herself. they're STILL saying she killed herself. we CANNOT allow the heroes of our armed services to die then surround their families with LIES and untruths. we OWE them at the very least the truth

now another cover up. they told seaman provost's mother he collapsed in the guard shack then died. they forgot to tell her HE WAS SHOT AND SET ON FIRE (whoops, that's quite a lot to forget). his mother HEARD THAT INFORMATION ON THE NEWS. shite. that is NOT right

i don't care if someone is gay or straight. a woman or a man. black, brown, yellow, red or green. THEY ARE OUR HEROES WE ALL DESERVE THE TRUTH

Jackson Lee wants deeper look into sailor death
Family says he was harassed because he was gay


U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee called Sunday for an investigation into the death of a Houston sailor who was shot to death while on duty in California last month.

Navy Seaman August Provost III, 29, was killed June 30 at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in Southern California, where he was standing watch at a base compound. Navy officials said Provost, who grew up in Houston's Acres Homes neighborhood, was shot to death and his body burned.

Provost's family has speculated that the shooting might have been a hate crime, because the sailor was gay.

“I am requesting a full investigation into the murder,” Jackson Lee said Sunday. “This death appears bizarre, and more facts need to be uncovered.”...........


Malicious Intent said...

IF they are brave enough and old enough to die for our country, then we owe their families all of the respect the deserve, which starts with the truth, no matter how horrible it may be. They need to know.

Unknown said...

the truth would hurt far less even if was the UGLY truth.