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Thursday, July 16, 2009

oh this would be such a BIG BIG BIG

and wonderful step! let's hope it comes to fruition

BUT let us NEVER stop working to end domestic abuse EVERYWHERE. wipe it out in every corner of the globe. we CAN and must do it

New Policy Permits Asylum for Battered Women
The Obama administration has opened the way for foreign women who are victims of severe domestic beatings and sexual abuse to receive asylum in the United States. The action reverses a Bush administration stance in a protracted and passionate legal battle over the possibilities for battered women to become refugees. In addition to meeting other strict conditions for asylum, abused women will need to show that they are treated by their abuser as subordinates and little better than property, according to an immigration court filing by the administration, and that domestic abuse is widely tolerated in their country. They must show that they could not find protection from institutions at home or by moving to another place within their own country.........


Malicious Intent said...

About time someone started to recognize this ugly part of society and give an escape to these women. Once they are disabled for life or worse, dead...it's a bit to late.

Unknown said...

it's mostly on the WORSE side actually. now if we could just get everyone fed. everyone to stop fighting. everyone with a roof over their heads.........oh and THE most important of all. EVERYONE educated