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Monday, July 13, 2009

watch this from rachel maddow

more on c street and it's scarier than ever

about halfway through, there's a tape of the head preacher dude from 'the family' (by the way, isn't that what manson called HIS gang?) saying what i believe hitler was a LOT LIKE JESUS (listen and see if you don't agree). granted, it's only bits and pieces of his sermon. didn't hear the whole thing. i'd like to


stray said...

Wow, one would hate to judge those remarks out of context, but...if the dude does "fetishize power" that way, then the analogy he's drawing is either incredibly nuanced or fantastically blunt. And I'd tend to assume the latter, if I were the assuming kind.

Malicious Intent said...

I don't even need to watch the video to know that Hitler was not a lot like Jesus, more like Bush. Or just Satan.

Hitler was a bad man. And my grandfather fought against him in WWII and paid a dear price. Thus my latest ink job.

Unknown said...

stray, just stating i had not heard the WHOLE speech. when one hears bits and pieces especially chosen to inflame, it's not fair. HOWEVER, in this case, you're right. i don't need to hear the WHOLE speech. i know what these people are and what they think. i know they're all a bunch of giant asswipe hypocrites as well.

mi, yes that ink is indeed special. it's a special story too. my pops was at the very tail end of wwi (he enlisted under aged). he didn't lose his life or get physically harmed. even if he wasn't, i'm with you. there is NO GOOD part about hitler. NONE