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Thursday, May 03, 2007

c'mon now, we ALL know if you dance

you MUST pay the piper

to me, this isn't such a big deal EXCEPT for the fact i am almost certain most of the men on ms palfrey's list spout family values left and right


Ex-Client of Alleged Madam Tries to Stop ABC From Airing His Name

By Carol D. Leonnig Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, May 3, 2007; Page B01
A former client of the woman accused of being the D.C. madam is trying to block his name from being aired on an ABC News program about her escort business and the men who patronized it, saying publicity would amount to witness intimidation, ABC said yesterday.
In a letter to ABC, Steven Salky, the man's attorney, wrote that he has "reason to believe" that his client could be named tomorrow in a "20/20" report about an alleged prostitution ring run by
Deborah Jeane Palfrey, ABC said. Salky would not identify the man..........


Connecticut Man1 said...

You have to realize that a number of her former clients will try ever lawyerly trick available to them in a court of law to avoid being publically named.

If they wanted to avoid the negative publicity (and testifying) they would never have made the call to her company in the first place.

I am certain that many are of the "family values" set, but I will not be surprised to find some left wing players ensnared in this as well.

Unknown said...

connecticut man 1, i absolutely agree with you. there WILL be some on that list that are left leaning.

as i said, i really don't think it's a big deal EXCEPT for those that preach 'i am better than thou' and the god stuff (not normal god stuff but extreme rapture shite) and the homosexual shite and on and on.

i too believe in family values BUT i think if there is love and respect then, that IS a family. two dads or a dad and a mom. i don't care. if you raise your kids with love what the hell difference does it make?. like i commented on cv rick's blog, what difference would it make to a HETEROSEXUAL couple if a gay couple married? would the heterosexual couple's children TURN GAY because of that? NO NO AND NO

as i said about before rambling, i believe in family values. i am also an honorable woman. if i promise my partner i will be faithful to him, guess what? I WILL BE FAITHFUL TO HIM. i better stop now

Anonymous said...

The reason this is such a tasty treat for us, Rose, is that it's a billboard-sized example of hypocrisy.

If it came out that Ted Kennedy was hiring prostitutes - who cares? Ted Kennedy hasn't been going around and telling people what they have to do and not do in their own bedrooms, with their own bodies, and making laws about it.

Same goes for hundreds of other politicians. If my Congressman hired twelve hookers a night, I don't care . . . he's out some cash, they're getting paid serious money, and my Congressman isn't a stressed out nutjob. But, my Congressman doesn't go around telling anyone who they can and cannot have sex with and why.

I love the right-wing hypocrisy. I hope Palfrey strings this thing out for the next year and a half . . . I'd actually like a new name with my morning coffee each day!

Unknown said...

judging by the number of hits i got on this story, you aren't the ONLY one who wants a new name each morning along with their cup o' steamin' joe!