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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

we knew the king was going to veto it

he's not just stubborn but he's WRONG. physically wrong and morally wrong. he asks us to give the 'surge' more time. we've given ALL of his ideas more time. they are NOT working. things are getting worse. for iraqis and for OUR troops. over 100 of our troops dead last month. the king didn't attend ANY of those funerals nor will he.

the time is now for not only democrats to grow a set but republicans and everyone in between and on the fringes. demand an end to this war. we CANNOT and MUST NOT let it continue.

Bush Keeps Vow to Veto War Funding Bill
President Says Pullout Deadline Is 'Date for Failure'

By Michael Abramowitz and Peter Baker Washington Post Staff Writers

President Bush vetoed a $124 billion measure yesterday that would have funded overseas military operations but required him to begin withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq as early as July, escalating the most serious confrontation between the White House and Congress over war policy in a generation.
Bush carried through on his veto threat just after the legislation arrived at the White House, calling the timetable a "prescription for chaos and confusion" that would undercut generals..................


Anonymous said...

Bush is not a king. He's just an idiot who never grew up. A spoiled brat who always had to get his way.

STOP HIM FROM KILLLING ANY MORE IRAQ'S OR AMERICANS. These are not just troops, but brothers, sister, husbands, mothers....
This is NOT HIS WAR! If it was his, what's he doing in the White House? We should send him to Iraq to finally see the reality.


This war needs to stop, so Alkaida will not have anybody to blame or kill.


Unknown said...

YOU and i know he's not a king. problem is HE doesn't know it.

i know the dead are our mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and aunts and uncles and cousins and neighbors and friends. HE doesn't know it though and contrary to whatever he says (or laura 'no one suffers more than your president and i' bush says, THEY DON'T CARE