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Sunday, January 16, 2011

sociological images............a site i am rather fond of

has a link to the ny city public library's images collection available online

..........The collection has images on a huge array of topics, from fashion to the military to slavery to insects to a whole category for stilts, and including political cartoons, illustrations from publications, photographs, and so on...........

BUT what they posted on were a few racist images from that collection. it really is horrifying to look at them. but like the 'n' word in mark twain's writing, THEY ARE a part of our history. ugly, but we cannot gloss over the ugliness. EVER

Vintage Images of African Americans

by Gwen Sharp 



Parson Featherly: De Lawd hab took yo’ husban’ an’ lef’ yo’ wid six chilluns; but ‘membah, Sistah, dat dar’s some good in all de Lawd does.

“I does, Parson. I realizes dat dar’s one less for me to perwide foh.”

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