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Sunday, January 16, 2011

for all of our rubber fetishists

out there dangerous minds has a posting you'll be interested in

me? my story is, i read the marquis (when i was) way too young and i discovered charles gatewood (when i was) way too young
‘Dressing For Pleasure’: The 1977 fetish film that influenced Britain’s punk scene
 by Marc Campbell

Scottish documentary filmmaker John Samson died at the age of 58 in 2004. But sadly, for someone of his distinct talents, he had unceremoniously faded into obscurity two decades before his death. Samson was a hugely influential artist who never got his due during the time he was actually engaged in creating the films he would later be lauded for. It is only in retrospect that his films are being heralded as being too honest, too real and too thoughtful for the British television corporations he depended upon for the distribution of his work.
Samson’s films often focused on compelling and unorthodox (for its time) subject matter such as tattooing and fetishism. He approached his material objectively. Perhaps it was his own outlaw stature that helped him relate to social outcasts, the stigmatized and the proudly defiant..................