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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

of all the things to be pissed off about..........

how about complaining a lot of children don't have enough to eat? how about complaining a lot of children don't get the medical care they so need? how about complaining about a lot of children don't ge a proper education and how about complaining about the children who are pulled into the sex trafficking industry (and yes, industry it is).

NOPE this big fat stupid head bag of dicks is complaining about it not being legal to have child labor laws.


GOP senator: Federal ban on child labor is unconstitutional
By Sahil Kapur
Newly minted Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah said in a lecture posted to his YouTube channel that Congressional laws banning child labor are forbidden by the US Constitution.
Lee, a fierce advocate for the Tenth Amendment who replaced longtime Republican incumbent Bob Bennett in the Senate this month, argued that only states have the constitutional authority to create such laws...........................

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