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Friday, January 21, 2011

hey Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin F U C K Y O U

and the scooter you rode in on. fuck you for telling women they can't be trusted to choose their own clothing. fuck you for saying women deserved to be raped (well you said women shouldn't be surprised if they're raped). just in general fuck  you

just because YOU may have some messed up relationship(s) doesn't mean WOMEN are at fault. IT MEANS YOU ARE YOU STUPID PIECE OF STEAMIN' SHITE. and yes, i mean that. archpriest or not. he's less than worthless

Russian Orthodox Church calls for dress code, says miniskirts cause 'madness'

In a sign of the growing political ambitions of the Russian Orthodox Church, a top official wants a national dress code for men and women. It would forbid men from wearing T-shirts or track suits in public. Islamic groups have come out in support of the idea. Moscow

A top official of the increasingly powerful Russian Orthodox Church has triggered a storm of outrage by calling for a "national dress code" that would force women to dress modestly in public and require businesses to throw out "indecently" clad customers.
Women, said Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, can't be trusted to clothe themselves properly.
"It is wrong to think that women should decide themselves what they can wear in public places or at work," he said Tuesday. "If a woman dresses like a prostitute, her colleagues must have the right to tell her that."........

A church call for a national dress code has provoked a furious response after a senior cleric claimed wearing a miniskirt could provoke a rapist. But some people are supporting the proposal.

In an argument which Western feminists thought had been resolved decades ago, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, head of the Orthodox Church’s Synodal Department for Church and Society, suggested that a drunk woman in a miniskirt shouldn’t be surprised if she was raped................
pic: © RIA Novosti. Vladimir Vyatki


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm pretty sure Russian women will tell him where to get off.

Infidel753 said...

He's Canute yelling at the tide to stop. I've been to Kiev (Ukraine) which is culturally pretty much the same as Russia. Far more mini-skirts than you'd see in the US. The young women over there have definitely moved away from the headscarf-babushka image.

The younger guys dressed more classy than in the US, too. They don't look like they want to grow up to become the Brezhnev-era blobs in cardboard suits and ties any more.

And it's not a bit surprising that Islamist groups are supporting Chaplin. For their idea of a dress code, see Saudi Arabia.

Finally, what the heck is an Orthodox priest doing telling other people how to dress? Ever seen how they dress? Halloween year round.

a rose is a rose said...

debra, i know russian women would tell him just what an american woman would tell a priest here (if he told her she needed a man to tell her HOW to dress because she isn't capable). this steamed me (as you can tell)

infidel, yeah i agree with everything you've said as well (although i've never been to russia/ukraine). priests should just keep their noses out of the bid-nez' they have no bid-nez putting their noses in, in the first place