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Thursday, January 20, 2011

IF his allegations are true

i hope he wins and wins BIG. NO ONE should be treated like that. NO ONE should be forced into prayer meetings AT WORK. hell if my boss gave me a pamphlet on how to raise manly sons and frilly daughters, we'd both break down into laughter (as in he'd do it as a joke). it wouldn't happen and it SHOULDN'T happen ANYWHERE. oh and to top it off, if this is all true and his boss' boss knew about it (the company knew about it) and did NOTHING, really, i hope they pay through the arse

He Was Demoted for Failing to Pray, Rail Worker Says
CN) - A BNSF Railway worker claims he was demoted because he declined to join his supervisor in prayer meetings at work. James Dunkin claims his boss proselytized on the job, handed out booklets that contained "instructions for raising 'masculine sons and feminine daughters,'" and says that when he objected to the coerced prayers, the boss told him that "he needed to attend the prayer meetings or find another position."
     To top it off, Dunkin says that the offensive boss, Jeff Kirby, once "stood in his office with his door open and pants down" staring at him suggestively.
     In his federal complaint in Kansas City, Kan., Dunkin says that after BNSF transferred him unfairly, he was tormented by his new co-workers because the company had leaked personal medical information about him.................

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