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Friday, July 16, 2010

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In attack on Christian philosophy, Glenn Beck sides with Nazi propaganda

By Stephen C. Webster

Fox News personality Glenn Beck believes the Jews murdered the biblical messiah Jesus Christ, and Gosh Darn It, if the Christian savior had been more like Barack Obama he'd have "come back and made the Jews pay for what they did."
That's just the tip of a bizarre rant recently aired by News Corporation, which featured the chalkboard-handy host once again assailing Christian social justice efforts, which many faithful see as core to their sacrament. In the process, however, Beck revealed what one prominent reverend called a fundamental "misunderstanding" of scripture, as well as an apparent detachment from the English language when it comes to the word "victim."
First of all, as the story goes, Jews did not kill Jesus. The Roman empire had him executed after Jewish religious leaders became worked into a frenzy over his ideas - or so the New Testament claims. Armed Roman guards allegedly beat and lashed him, then hung him on a cross until death............


stray said...

Okay, I gave that more whole minutes of my life than it deserved.

a rose is a rose said...

but you have to think about people actually listening to him and LIKING him. really. THAT is the scary stuff