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Monday, July 12, 2010

i was never a reader of comic books

as a matter of fact, the only wonder woman i'm familiar with is lynda carter's. but sorry peeps, i really AM diggin' the NEW wonder woman. i love her dark look. i love the NOT near nakedness

The most controversial superhero makeover since Robin got a new codpiece.

Merciful Minerva! Last week's edition of Wonder Woman saw the pride of Paradise Island decked out in a new set of superduds. It was about time. The outgoing outfit had been feeling fussy and fusty for the past few decades, harkening back as it did to World War II, when it was natural that an all-American woman of steel would look as proud as Rosie the Riveter and as sumptuous as a nose-cone pinup. The bald-eagle bustier, the star-spangled high-cut shorts—these are indelible. But our gal had begun to resemble a majorette.........

.............. Some readers of FoxNews.com regard its downplaying of patriotic motifs as "another American disgrace."..................
new ww:
DC Comics / AP
This illustration released by DC Comics shows the new look for Wonder Woman designed by DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee.
pic of ww: lynda carter

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