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Thursday, July 15, 2010

don't know if it's true or not

but i'm guessing it is. why? because i for one KNOW EXACTLY HOW SKANKY OUR NETHER REGIONS REALLY ARE. as a matter of fact, we shouldn't be let out AT ALL. we should be locked up either in the kitchen or bedroom. period. end of story.


Austrian Farmer Bans Skirt-Wearing Women from His Pick-Your-Own Strawberry Fields



Strawberry fields skirt ban
Women in skirts have been banned from pick-your-own strawberry fields in Austria by farmers after complaints that their nether regions were coming into contact with the fruit as they squatted down. Farmer Reinhard Pirbauer said: “When the women in skirts squat down they often hover over the plants which then touch them under the skirt. It is “unhygienic”, nobody wants their strawberries handled in this way. “We have had complaints that fruit was being contaminated. No-one wants to pick strawberries that a woman has been sitting on. Some female underwear is almost non existent – if they wear any at all. “People had stopped coming because of this, but our regular customers have returned since introducing the new rules.” Disgusted Piribauer – who introduced the skirt ban on his ten pick-your-own strawberry fields just south of the Austrian capital Vienna – added that even women with longer skirts were affected by the ban because they would often hike the skirts up in order to squat down and also ended up contaminating his fruit. One women’s rights group has branded the decision ridiculous but lawyers said he and other farmers who had copied the ban could not be prosecuted because they had not specifically banned women — only people wearing skirts and that women in trousers were welcome...............

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