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Sunday, May 23, 2010

thank you evil slutopia!

for ALL the cosmo postings you do. i simply don't have the stones to even buy a copy even though i know it will cheer me up an untold amount.

i really DO thank you

they *=(evil slutopia) had a disclaimer so i'm going to print that as well

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The Cosmo Boob Lovers Shopping List

It was rainy here earlier this week, so we decided to find ourselves a fun rainy day project to keep us entertained. Naturally, the first place we turned for inspiration was Cosmo, where we found "50 Great Things to Do With Your Breasts". Apparently "pampering your pair can cause extreme confidence, unrivaled sex appeal, and bigger, better orgasms", and how could we turn that down? Except, it turns out that pampering your pair requires a lot of stuff, so we have to go shopping first.

Here's our shopping list, along with some of our favorite tips from the article. But first, I have to give a shoutout to my mom - this article is from the May issue and we were getting ready to move on to June, but she was flipping through my copy and came across this article, and she insisted that we showcase the stupidity before starting on the new issue. What's better than making fun of Cosmo? Making fun of Cosmo with your mom.

So, according to Cosmo, here's what you need to have a great day with your breasts.....

.............Nipple Concealers

#13 - Want to go braless to a party or bar? You can avoid the smuggling raisins effect by sticking on nipple concealers (try Low Beams, look for them on herlook.com).

I'll be honest, I mostly just included this one because I couldn't get over the fact that they really used the phrase "the smuggling raisins effect". Classy and mature as always, Cosmo........

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