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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the good news is:

sarevil wouldn't be able to teach (not because of her accent, because she cannot speak english). the bad news is THIS IS JUST WRONG on every level.


Arizona cracks down on teachers with heavy accents

By David Edwards

Arizona has been under fire for a controversial anti-illegal immigrant law and now its Department of Education is embarking on a course of action that many critics also believe is being enforced in a discriminatory fashion.............

.............Christina Parsons was born in Brazile and has taught the English Language Learners class in Tucson for more than 20 years, but she told CNN that she has been subjected to an audit based on her ability to pronounce English words.

"They just walked in in the middle of class," she told CNN's Thelma Gutierrez.

State School Superintendent Tom Horne denies the crackdown is based on teachers' accents. "We are not going after any accents including Spanish accents. It has to be faulty English. If students are being taught English and they're going to refer to a comma as a 'coma' people are going to misunderstand them," said Horne...............

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