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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

man, i feel sooooooooooooo sorry for HIM

why? because HE is devastated. HE is mind you. hey, the only reason hayward COULD be devastated is because he is thinking about the millions and millions and millions of dollars bp will have to pay for the cleanup

here's a link (embedding is disabled) to an abc news video

BP CEO caught on tape ordering media to get away from oil-coated beach

By Stephen C. Webster

Gulf fishing ban extended to area roughly the size of Greece

Walking along a Louisiana beach yesterday, the chief operating officer of British Petroleum was caught on tape ordering subordinates multiple times to "get 'em out of here," apparently referencing media personnel who were swarming the scene prior to a press conference.

The clip has since raised the public's level of ire against the company, at a time when all BP's recent press coverage seems to paint a picture darker than oil.

At first, CEO Tony Hayward appeared to motion toward a cameraman who was standing next to a large puddle of toxic sludge. Pointing at the man, he said sternly: "Hey! Get outta there. Get outta there!"

The cameraman moved................

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