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Monday, May 24, 2010

sarevil, STFU

this is not unlike someone going on judge judy. why the hell WOULD YOU GO ON JUDGE JUDY (unless you're the plaintiff and even then i'd think twice). she is KNOWN to eviscerate not just the guilty BUT THE STUPID.

now i am NOT comparing rachel to judge judy in any way shape or form. all i'm saying is, if i was going on a tv show (especially NEWS) i'd sure as shite WATCH that show prior to my appearance. i'd want to know what usually happens on the show and i'd want to know if the host had any particular leanings. i'd want to know if the host had a brain or not (and in rachel's case, it's one HELL of a brain).

if one is a politician and one spouts all sorts of beliefs, one MUST be prepared to defend those beliefs all the way from bill o'wrongly to olbermann and everything in between. sarevil, you don't have to defend mr paul. i'd worry about my own damn self if i were you. mr paul is doing a beautiful job of taking all sorts of heat off from YOU

Palin: Maddow was ‘prejudiced’ against Rand Paul
By David Edwards

The media was out to destroy Sarah Palin and now they are out to destroy Rand Paul, if you believe the former Republican vice presidential candidate.

In an interview with National Public Radio, Paul criticized some aspects of the 1964 Civil Right Act. Paul indicated that businesses should be free to be able to discriminate against minorities. In his view, businesses that don't treat all patrons equally will suffer in the marketplace, but the federal government should have no role in enforcing fairness.

Based on Paul's comments on NPR, he faced tough questioning later that evening by Rachel Maddow. And Palin believes that Maddow was out of bounds.

"Rand Paul had anticipated that he would be able to engage in a discussion, he being a Libertarian-leaning Constitutional conservative, being able to engage in the discussion with a TV character, a media personality who perhaps had an agenda in asking the question and then interpreting his answer in the way that she did," Palin said of Maddow Sunday.

At that, Fox News' Chris Wallace prompted Palin to blame the media for the missteps she suffered after becoming the Republican vice presidential candidate. "Do you see some similarities to what politicians and the press did to you in the fall of 2008?" asked Wallace...............

gotcha!!! (watch and learn sarevil, watch and learn. it's NOT just YOU that says stupid things. one has to pay the piper when one dances)

there really IS something wrong with HER:


Anonymous said...

The Rain Man is a genius compared to her.
She must be taking lessons from that other idiot Beck.

a rose is a rose said...

the rain man didn't need notes written on his hands to talk