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Friday, May 28, 2010

oh holy shite batman

land of the free and home of the brave? not this year

Crime-stopper faces deportation
Local police enforce immigration laws, leave many in limbo

By Alex Johnson and Glenn Counts

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Just like the police tell you to do, Abel Moreno called 911 when a man began assaulting his girlfriend. Before the end of the year, he could be deported to Mexico for his trouble.

Moreno, 29, of Charlotte made the call Dec. 29 because, he alleged, a Charlotte police officer was trying to fondle his girlfriend after a traffic stop. The officer ordered Moreno to drop the call and arrested him and his girlfriend for resisting arrest.

Several things then happened. Five other women came forward to allege that the officer, identified as Marcus Jackson, now 26, had tried to molest them, too. Moreno was released after investigators debunked the resisting arrest charge. So was his girlfriend................


pic: Abel Moreno could face deportation after he called 911 to report a crime. He was snagged by a provision that deputizes local authorities to enforce federal immigration law.

Davie Hinshaw / The Charlotte Observer

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