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Sunday, September 16, 2007

an army of god or


there ARE terrorists right here right now and many of them are walking free. these three have just been released (and mind you THEY got attorneys, THEY got their rights read to them, THEY got trials..............)

9/11/07 - Convicted Terrorist Released from Federal Prison

By AnnRose
Guest front pager Ann Rose is, among other things, a partner in the National Women’s Health Organization, a group of 5 abortion and family planning clinics in the Eastern and Southern United States. She is also the co-founder of Hot Flash Report. -- FC
Convicted anti-abortion terrorists
Don Benny Anderson, and brothers Matthew Moore and Wayne Moore, were released from jail and into a halfway house yesterday, September 11, 2007.
Don Benny Anderson was convicted in 1982 of kidnapping the owner of an abortion clinic and his wife in Illinois. The doctor was forced at gunpoint to make an audio recording urging then President Reagan to oppose abortion, even though Reagan already did. After 8 days in fearful captivity, the couple were released unharmed, but have remained relatively low profile since then. Anderson was released yesterday from Federal Prison into a halfway house near the clinic after spending 24 of his 30 year sentence in jail. The infamous
Army of God claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.
While the media is obsessed with foreign terrorists and the Petreaus report and the fear of Iraq, Iran, AlQuida, Osama Bin Laden, and other boogey-men, these three bonafide convicted terrorists will be walking the streets. But wait, these dudes are "White Christians", so never mind. The chilling details of their crimes are below the fold............


Rev. Donald Spitz said...

I'm glad Don Benny Anderson is free. The wrong person went to prison in the first place. The babykilling abortionist who murders helpless babies should have been the one in prison not the person who tried to save the babies he was planning on murdering.

Unknown said...

and when these 'saviours' of yours kill doctors or bomb clinics and maim or kill how do you feel about THEM? why is one life (in YOUR mind of course, NOT mine) more precious than another? i do NOT promote abortion. i believe in contraception. I DO believe in choice however..........