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Thursday, September 20, 2007


there ARE people who study things such as this. THIS WHAT? are you sitting down?


AND he won a prize for it!

we'll have to import some of those glasses to the us

Rowdy bars may no longer be quite as dangerous thanks to a British professor who won a criminology prize on Wednesday for his work showing how injuries from broken glass can be reduced.
Jonathan Shepherd, a face surgeon and professor at Cardiff University, won the Stockholm Prize in Criminology with his research into bar fights and glass-related injuries.
"Professor Shepherd's crime prevention work involved the development of strategies for preventing serious injuries in connection with violence in bars and nightclubs," a statement announcing the prizes said.
His work compared drink glasses and the different ways they shatter and has "led pubs in the UK to use the glass that causes far fewer injuries," the statement said.
He shared the prize with US professor David Olds, from the University of Colorado, who has developed methods to prevent child abuse.........

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