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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i've not seen this documentary

nor am i going to. i can watch all the blood and guts you have. IF and it's a BIG IF, i know it's NOT REAL. as soon as reality creeps in, i can't do it. i can't handle it. (speaking of which, i am a horror movie addict. i love 'em. i can't get enough of 'em. the more messy they are, the better i like them. EXCEPT for the movie i watched this weekend. hostel. I HATED IT. it was horrid. the violence and gore were unwatchable. am i getting soft in my old age?)

off the chain:
A Documentary With New Bite
Dogfighting Scandal Brings Attention to Local Filmmaker's 2005 Work on a Cruel Sport

By Kevin Merida Washington Post Staff Writer
Way before Michael Vick got popped and became the scorned symbol of organized dogfighting, Bobby Brown spent years penetrating the secret society Vick inhabited. With cameras that resembled pagers and a microphone fastened to his zipper, Brown made a remarkable documentary on this underground subculture.
It took him 14 years. He began in 1991, got derailed, restarted, even got busted at one of the 12 dogfights he witnessed. Brown was intent on sounding an alarm, he says, about a cruel, menacing and illegal activity taking place in basements, barnyards, clearings in the woods and abandoned warehouses all across America.

(Just to be clear, we're not talking about Whitney Houston's incorrigible ex-husband. Not that Bobby Brown. This is Bobby J. Brown -- Suitland High School graduate, businessman, actor with small parts in "The Wire," "The Corner," "City by the Sea" and "Major League II" as Tom Berenger's double.)
When Brown finished his documentary, "Off the Chain," he shopped it around and got no takers. With help from actor Troy Garity ("Barbershop"), Brown's buddy from his days studying at New York's American Academy of Dramatic Arts, the 60-minute documentary was picked up by Allumination FilmWorks and released to DVD in 2005................

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