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Thursday, August 30, 2007

on our planes, please don't speak

in languages we can't understand. please don't dress differently than we do (although the article doesn't say they were dressed differently). please don't believe in a god with a name that's not 'god' or 'jesus'. please don't be different than us, period!

can't say what happened as i wasn't there, but i'll bet my big fat ass, NOTHING happened. people were just being id-jits about having arabic men aboard an airplane

Plane bound for Chicago held after dispute involving Arabic-speaking men

The Associated Press
9:41 PM CDT, August 29, 2007

All passengers on an American Airlines redeye flight to Chicago were ordered off a plane after complaints about a group of Arabic-speaking men.Local law enforcement questioned the six men and released them quickly, American spokesman Tim Wagner said Wednesday. The Transportation Security Administration did not get involved, said agency spokesman Nico Melendez."They did nothing wrong," said Dave Stephens, chief executive officer for Defense Training Systems, which had hired the men to train Marines at Camp Pendleton.The incident was "an unfortunate situation for all flight passengers," according to a statement from the company, a unit of International Logistics Services Corp. of Anchorage, Alaska.American Flight 590 had been scheduled to leave late Tuesday........


Anon-Paranoid said...

This is what a RFN Government has brought to America.

Fear anyone who is different than you.

And so we start down the path that Hitler led Germany.

RFN = Republican Fascist Nazi.

God Bless.

Unknown said...

while the people who blew up the world trade center/pentagon/plane in a field in pa were of arabic descent, who blew up the federal building in oklahoma?

there is evil everywhere BUT there is MORE GOOD everywhere. we can't do to certain people what we did to japanese americans during wwii. haven't we learned?